Provincial Emergency Coordination Centre and Vancouver Island Region PREOC
Radio Room Telephone: 250-952-5571 or 250-952-5572
Block A, 2261 Keating Cross Road, Victoria, BC
Callsign: VE7PEP

VE7PEP supports the Provincial Emergency Coordination Centre (PECC) and the Vancouver Island Region Provincial Regional Emergency Operations Centre (PREOC).


How to contact VE7PEP

The preferred method to reach the radio room is data rather than voice. The preferred method of data is using Winlink rather than peer-to-peer.

HF Data – when the station is unattended

80m – 3.6150 (centre) 3.6135 (dial) USB

HF Voice

Daytime – 7.060 MHz LSB

Nighttime – 3.735 MHz LSB


VHF/UHF Stations Frequency MHz Notes Usage
Station 2-VHF Data 1 145.690 simplex When unattended Capital RD EOCs
Station 3-VHF Data 2 144.970 simplex When unattended Capital RD EOCs
Station 4-UHF Data 1 440.125 simplex When unattended Capital RD EOCs
Station 10-VHF Data 3 145.050 +600 Peer to peer – Always On Capital RD EOCs, VIR EOCs PREOCs
Station 1-VHF Voice 1 147.570 simplex CRD EOC to PREOC Capital RD EOCs
Station 5-UHF Voice 1 452.2375 (+5) T173.8 Land Mobile UHF Repeater SWE PREOC
Station 6-VHF Voice 2 146.680 (-600) T141.3 Island Trunk Repeater VIR EOCs
Station 7-UHF Voice 2 444.500(+5) T103.5 Camp Murray, Washington Washington State EOC
Station 9-D-Star 1291.500 (-20) VE7VIC Repeater Capital RD EOCs
Station 11 – UHF Voice 3 443.525 (+5) VE7RPT Repeater SWE PREOC
Station 14 – VHF Voice 4 145.170 (-600) VE7TEL Repeater ECOMM
Station 15 – VHF Voice 5 148.685 simplex Land Mobile – PEP EP1 Capital RD EOCs and other agencies
Station 16 – UHF Voice 4 444.925 (+5) T100 VE7RWS UHF Repeater Capital RD EOCs

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Every Wednesday evening at 1915 local time, VE7PEP is the Net Control Station on the Vancouver Island Trunk Repeater System. The purpose of the net is to make contact with EMBC registered amateur radio operators and interested amateurs in the Vancouver Island Region (VIR). Each of the Regional Districts in the VIR are called in sequence.

The Island Trunk operates on the following repeaters;

City Freq Offset Tone
Pt McNeill 146.940 Minus
Woss Lake 146.880 Minus
Sayward 146.700 Minus 141.3
Campbell River 146.820 Minus
Courtenay 443.700 Plus 141.3
Courtenay 146.620 Minus 141.3
Tofino 146.880 Minus 141.3
Nanaimo 444.725 Plus 141.3
Nanaimo 443.900 Plus 141.3
Nanaimo 145.430 Minus 141.3
Chemainus 146.680 Minus 141.3



Team Members

The Headquarters amateur radio group consists of two teams. Alpha Team is the core volunteer group. Bravo Team consists of amateur radio operators that are dedicated to other local authority emergency programs in the region but have received training on the procedures and use of the radio equpment at EMBC HQ.

Bravo Team’s primary response is to their local authority first and will assist EMBC only if their local authority is not involved in an event. A Letter of Understanding has been signed between EMBC HQ and the Peninsula Emergency Measures Organization (PEMO) to provide PEMO members on a mutual aid basis.