EOCX Coastal Response 2016 – Instruction DRAFT 0.1 Published

CoastalResponse _20Net Announcement Inviting all Amateur Radio Clubs, official local government stations and individual Hams in British Columbia to participate in EOCX Coastal Response 2016 led by Emergency Management BC.

EOCX Coastal Response 2016 is a functional exercise led by EMBC in coordination with stakeholders from agencies and organizations across British Columbia. The exercise is designed to test communications systems and provide an opportunity for EOC personnel to train and refresh their understanding of procedures. This exercise is a preparatory step towards the full scale Coastal Response 2016 exercise scheduled in June.

EOCX Coastal Response 2016 will be conducted on Tuesday, 12 April 2016.

The communications tests associated with EOCX Coastal Response 2016 will include the activation of provincial HF nets.

Version 0.1 DRAFT of the exercise instruction is available for viewing or download in the following formats:

Please see this flyer for further information on Exercise Coastal Response 2016.