Participate in the 2015 Simulated Emergency Test (SET)

Net Announcement Inviting all Amateur Radio Clubs, official local government stations and individual Hams in British Columbia to participate in a Simulated Emergency Test (SET) being conducted by ARES Field Services in collaboration with Emergency Management BC. The SET will be held on Saturday, October 10th, 2015. The primary goal of this exercise is to increase the proficiency, speed and accuracy of our operators when passing traffic using the National Traffic System (NTS). It is our hope that all registered ARES groups, local government stations, and individual amateurs will participate in this exercise. The exercise will commence at 09:00 and run until ~ 14:00 and will consist of up to four tasks.

RSVP TO PARTICIPATE: Stations wishing to participate in this exercise should e-mail Bill Gipps: or John MacKay: Please include your group coordinator’s contact information and your group’s or individual’s station capabilities. Be sure to indicate whether your group will be able to run two stations simultaneously (one for incoming, one for outgoing). Remember, for stations close together, (Lower Mainland) that simplex VHF may solve some problems.

All stations participating should designate one of their group to check-in to the BC Public Service Net or the BC Yukon Traffic Net in the days prior to the exercise, as this is a good indication as to propagation and what your stations capabilities will be like for the event. More information will be made available over the following weeks, please check for more updates and instructions.