Volunteer Recognition Luncheon – VE7KAZ


VE7KAZ volunteers sitting down to lunch

A luncheon was held on December 7th to recognize Gina Charlesworth VA7AIR, Bill Foster VE7WWW, and Ken McEachern VE7EFL for the many volunteer hours they contribute to VE7KAZ, the amateur radio station supporting the Central Region Provincial Regional Emergency Operations Centre (PREOC).

When it comes to percentages Ken volunteered 20%, Gina volunteered 26% and Bill volunteered 43% of the total hours volunteered.


This was a big year for Gina. In March 2014 she passed the courses required to be Radio Station Manager and accepted the role of Radio Station Manager for VE7KAZ. In so doing, Gina became the only female radio station manager in PERCS (that we know of). In addition to her volunteer efforts at VE7KAZ she continues to be quite busy with university courses and her other volunteer position with Emergency Social Services (ESS). For your significant contribution Gina, we thank you.


On May 26th 2014 Bill was recognized as the PSLV (Public Safety Lifeline Volunteer) of the year in emergency radio communications at the legislature.  Bill is the backbone of VE7KAZ, faithfully checking into the EMBC net every Wednesday.  Bill is also heavily involved in other amateur radio groups and activities. For your expertise and dedication Bill, we all thank you.


Ken is by many years our longest serving volunteer. I have attached the 2002 newspaper article about Ken being recognized as the PSLV volunteer of the year in radio communications.  It is amazing the work with someone who has contributed so much over the years. Thank you Ken.


Bill, Brady, Gina and Ken

Recognition Awards

In recognition of the volunteer work we are giving Gina a gift certificate for $20 to Tim Hortons, and two 1968 CQ magazines.  The 1968 October issue about “Amateur Radio Station Design”will help Gina set up her own radio station. The 1968 November issue is on DXpeditions.

Bill will receive a set of headphones manufactured by Sidney George Brown Ltd. Victoria Rd, North Acton , London W3.

The SG Brown Ltd. DLR No5 “S” DS.3444   I.T.B.A5  JFB YA5000 LR (low resistance) headphones date back to the 1930’s and were used throughout WW2. This historic piece of radio equipment was shipped to me directly from England.

Ken will receive the book titled “FIRESTORM” The summer B.C. Burned in 2003.

Brady Conroy